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Better living
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what does better living look like?

Better Living

This is you living better.
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Walmart is dedicated to helping all of our associates live healthier, happier lives. Check out the video to see what’s possible when you get better care, better benefits, and access to amazing new programs.

want to go to college for $1?

$1 Per Day College

Earn a debt-free college degree.
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Go back to school with Live Better U— an amazing education opportunity for associates who are ready to take their minds to the next level.

Hopefully, these are the only C’s you get:

Choose between college degrees, college prep, professional certificates in and high school diplomas.

We cover tuition costs right upfront. We even pay for your required textbooks through a reimbursement process.

Select online school programs built for your busy schedule and start whenever you’re ready.

FREE education coaching to guide you every step of the way.

Who’s eligible to enroll?

All active full-time and part-time U.S. associates after 90 days at the company.

want to join a gym for $9?

$9 Fitness

Save big while getting huge. Or small. Your choice.
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Coming soon! The cost of a gym membership should never keep you from getting healthier. So we partnered with an amazing network of gyms so that you and your family have easy access starting at $9 per paycheck.

No more excuses about not having a great gym nearby. Sorry.

Once the Walton Life Fitness Pass is available, it gives you access to over 9,000 fitness locations nationwide.

  • What’s included?

    Membership includes unlimited visits to any of our gyms for you, your spouse or partner, and your dependents age 18–25.

How does it work?

Just show your Walton Life Fitness Pass on your first visit, complete any required forms, and you’re all set! Just don’t forget to stretch.

When can I start?

We’re rolling this program out in stages across the country. Watch for an update by January 2020.

ready to change your life?

ZP Challenge

Win money for making better choices.

Get the motivation you need to meet your life goals. ZP Challenge is a fun, motivating contest that rewards you for making better life choices.

Pick your challenge:


Make 21 days of better choices, share your story and you become eligible to win cash prizes. You can also win prizes just for being part of the ZP community.

Sign up with the app or grab a ZP booklet—you can usually find them in the break room or at

want to stress less?

Resources for Living

Your very own life coach.
learn more

Resources for Living is your dedicated well-being and coaching service that gives you support, encouragement, guidance & information for all aspects of life.

See all the info and learn more now at Resources for Living (username: Walmart, password: associate)

Always available for you and your family.

All Walmart associates and household family members get access.

Get Support, Encouragement & Guidance for:

  • Emotional/Social

    Strengthen relationships with family and friends, tap into your creative potential, manage stress, and even stay motivated.

  • Career

    Strike a balance between work and life, manage time, enhance workplace relationships, and more.

  • Financial

    Set up a budget, learn about home buying, get tips on managing credit card debt, and learn how to save for the future.

  • Community

    Get help finding important resources in your area, like childcare, eldercare, pet care, schools, adult education, housing and more.

  • Physical

    Keep your mind and body healthy with helpful information on topics like nutrition, weight management, fitness, and overall well-being.

need your paycheck a little early?


Get paid on your schedule.

The Even app helps you get paid on demand, budget instantly, and save automatically.

  • Plan

    Even automatically makes a plan for your expenses.

  • Spend

    Even helps you stick to the plan, by showing you how much money is okay to spend.

  • Save

    With your plan on track, you can save toward goals that are actually achievable.

  • Borrow

    If you need to borrow a little, you can get paid on-demand with Instapay.

You can now get part of your paycheck in cash at a Walmart store in as little as 15 minutes!

Check out more on the Even website.

Even is already used by over 100,000 Walmart associates, and they’ve given the app a 4.9/5 star rating.

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