Live Better

Give yourself a boost.

Living better is everything. That's why we're happy to offer you the help and support you need every day.

  • Time away from work

  • $1-a-day college

  • Get help kicking the habit

  • Make better choices

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  • Time away

    Take time away from work when you need it, from a relaxing afternoon to an extended leave.

  • Healthier living

    Live better, feel better, and be better with these great programs.

  • Family & community

    Programs and benefits to care for our families and communities.

    • Expert help when you're expecting

      Get helpful advice and resources from a personal nurse before, during, and after your pregnancy. Your options may vary depending on the medical coverage you choose.

    • Adoption benefit

      If you're growing your family through adoption, this benefit helps cover the costs with up to $5,000 per child.

    • Supporting diversity

      Join one of our groups as part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Each group focuses on providing opportunities while preserving cultures, heritage, and traditions across communities.

    • Veterans programs

      It’s a duty and an honor to support our nation’s veterans. We guarantee a job to military personnel and spouses who are transferred by the military, offer differential pay to associates on military assignments, and are committed to hiring 250,000 veterans through 2020.

    • Helping each other

      The Associates in Critical Need Trust has provided more than $100 million in grants to associates suffering economic hardship from an unforeseen crisis.

    • Cancer support

      Our cancer support groups help associates facing all types of cancer. They’re open to survivors, patients, and loved ones, and are designed to give you support during a tough time.

    • GED or learn English

      Earn your GED at no cost, with unlimited access to prep materials, test attempts, a test pass guarantee, and more. Or learn English and other languages at no cost with Rosetta Stone.

    • $1-a-day college

      Go back to school on your time with Live Better University. Just pick your online courses around your schedule and start earning a college degree for just $1 a day.