Money Matters

Make the most of your money

Get help growing, protecting, and maximizing your money.

  • 6% 401(k) match

  • Discounts and savings

  • Discount stock plan

  • Cash performance bonuses

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  • Financial protection

    Some insurance benefits are automatic and don't cost you anything. Some offer optional peace of mind you can choose to enroll for.

  • Income when you can't work

    Protect your income with disability coverage.

    • Short-term disability

      If you can't work because of injury or illness, short-term disability has your back with cash payments. And you can get more by signing up for the enhanced plan. (Full-time only)

    • Long-term disability

      Get long-term peace of mind in case short-term disability runs out and you still can't work: 50% or 60% of your average wage depending on which option you pick.

  • Life

    Company-paid and optional coverage to protect your loved ones.

    • Company-paid life insurance

      If you're a full-time associate, you get company-paid life insurance equal to your pay for the previous 26 pay periods, up to a maximum of $50,000. It’s automatic, and doesn't cost you a thing.

    • Extra life insurance

      Optional associate life insurance protects your family with coverage beyond the company-provided amount.

    • Spouse life insurance

      Protect your spouse or partner’s income with spouse life insurance. (Full-time only)

    • Child life insurance

      You can cover your eligible children (up to age 26) with dependent life insurance.

  • Accident and illness

    Even more insurance to protect you and your family.